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The Textbook Arbitrage Profit System

Free step-by-step instructions on how you can generate hundreds of dollars a day flipping textbooks

So, what is arbitrage?

Arbitrage is the simultaneous (or near simultaneous) purchase and sale of an asset in differing markets with the goal of making a profit from an imbalance of price across those markets for the same asset.

How can arbitrage relate to textbooks?

New textbooks are some of the most expensive books on the market – often in the $200-$300 range. Their dense specialist content makes them very costly. New editions need to be printed fairly often as academic research and knowledge outpaces the former editions. Couple this with the fact that textbooks are bought by students, who typically don’t have much in the way of disposable income, and you spawn an active marketplace for the trade of used textbooks.

As well as Amazon, there are dozens of marketplaces where textbooks are bought and sold on a daily basis. Unlike the major financial and Forex markets, where arbitrage opportunities are very tight and only really accessible to funds and individuals with serious capital, the textbook marketplace is riddled with wide imbalances in buy and sell prices and offers the perfect arbitrage environment in which very low capital investment can yield large returns for the individual.

The Flipping Textbooks Method

The arbitrage technique to flip textbooks for profit is fun and remarkably simple…

1.  Discover used textbooks which are available for sale

2.  Filter the used textbooks for those which are in good or excellent condition

3.  Match up their ISBNs on a site with a trade in feature

4.  Analyse which of those books leave a positive ROI after any shipping costs that may be incurred

5.  Buy the textbook

6.  Submit the form on trade in site, print out the free shipping label, then post textbook to trade in site

7.  Make $$$

8.  Rinse and repeat

The ‘traditional’ model for profiting with textbook trade in was to scan for physical ISBNs in thrift stores, buying used textbooks from fellow students and trying to turn a profit from other people’s lack of knowledge as to the value of the textbooks they possess. With an arbitrage model, you don’t even need to go out hunting for physical textbooks. Thousands of books are already listed out for us online, and if the price is right, we can buy en masse.

To demonstrate a live and actionable arbitrage example (at time of writing), look at the image below which shows an Amazon-to-Amazon opportunity.




The above image shows the Trade in now button, which features below the cover graphic of the most actively traded textbooks. If you were to then click on the Other Sellers tab you would have been met with the below image – which shows (after filtering for Good, Very Good and Like New conditions) that the best price available is the one listed on top at $167.36.



This is merely one of dozens of profitable Amazon-to-Amazon arbitrage opportunities that present themselves every single day. There are also dozens more available when you buy from other textbook trading sites and trade in on Amazon.

Why only trade into Amazon and not the other way around?

The reason is simply that Amazon almost always offers the highest trade in value to you as a seller. This is most likely because Amazon is such a liquid market and they can afford to be fairer in their margins for sellers. The smaller textbook trading sites are harder to make a trade in profit with because they don’t have the volume and fulfilment might that Amazon has.

“Wait a minute… Looks like Amazon only pays out in gift cards!?”

Yes, while it’s true that most other textbook trading platforms do pay out in cash for books they buy back, the fact that Amazon only pays out with their own gift cards isn’t as much of a stumbling block as you might imagine.

While you might be happy to receive Amazon gift cards and spend them on all the cool stuff you want to buy, gift cards won’t pay the bills. Amazon won’t let you transfer gift cards back into cash. So, if it’s cash you’re after, you’re going to have to follow one of the steps outlined below…

How to turn the Amazon gift cards you earn into cash

1]  Use Reddit

Reddit has its very own dedicated subreddit specifically created to enable the purchase and sale of Amazon and other gift cards.

If you’re not yet a member of Reddit, you’ll need to set up a free account in order to be able to post. Once you’re a member, simply visit /r/giftcardexchange and start doing some deals. You’ll need to create a post with some information about your gift cards, what they’re worth, how much was you want for them, and so on. Then, all you have to do is start making deals with the Redditors who respond.

Typically, cards are traded via PayPal on Reddit.

2]  Sell your gift cards for more than face value on eBay!

Yes, believe it or not, you can actually sell $500 worth of Amazon gift cards on eBay for $520. One reason people are willing to (in some cases) buy a gift card for slightly more than face value is that they are living overseas and can gain some minor benefit from currency exchange discrepancies. The other reason seems to be that they can benefit from cash back on purchases made with the gift cards which in someway outperforms the little extra they paid over the face value. However, if you struggle to squeeze more money out of sales via this method, you can always just list it at face value or a little under and you’re certain to be able to convert your cards quickly into PayPal credit within eBay.

3]  Buy Amazon products for friends and family in exchange for cash

Perhaps not such a slick, technical method, but if you have people around you who are willing to do this, then this can be an easy way of converting your gift cards into hard cash.

4]  Sell your Amazon gift cards on Craigslist

This can be one of the quickest ways to offload your gift cards for cash. However, it is unlikely that you will gain face value for them. You will most likely be able to get away with a quick sale if you knock 10-15% of the value of your cards.

5]  Sell to gift card reseller sites

Not the fastest, or, indeed, the most profitable, but you will certainly be able to offload your cards with one of the legitimate card reselling sites below:

Card Cash
Gift Card Rescue
Gift Card Granny

6]  Use Coinstar kiosks to trade in your cards for cash

CoinStar kiosks can be found all over the US. They allow you to trade in your electronics of Amazon gift card in exchange for cash. Please note, that you will have to send yourself physical gift cards for this to work. You can’t use the code only ones that you can generate on Amazon. To find your nearest Constar kiosk please check their Kiosk Location Finder.

7]  Sell your gift cards on Raise

Raise is an app which functions not unlike the gift card reseller sites.

You can install the Raise app for Android and iOS devices via these links:

iTunes App Store (for iPhone)
Google Play App Store (for Android)

You’ll only be able to sell your cards on raise if you lower the face value slightly.

8]  Sign up to Purse

Purse is an innovative platform which allows users to purchase items for other people using their unwanted gift cards in exchange for Bitcoin. The people who want stuff bought for them create a wishlist… you then fulfil an order from their wishlist and you get paid. You can then trade your BitCoin back into cash instantly. It is a very safe system which relies on escrow so that the deal is finalised only when both vendor and purchaser are satisfied.

9]  Trade your gift cards directly for Bitcoin

Sticking to the world of Bitcoin, there are a few other ways in which you can trade your gift cards into cryptocurrency.

Here are some completely legit solutions:

OK, so now you fully understand how to easily profit from this arbitrage model. Read on to find out how you can take it to the next level - by turbo charging your profits and saving yourself countless hours of tedious pricing research!

The FREE Flipping Textbooks Robot

The Secret Sauce Behind This Arbitrage Method

We coded the Flipping Textbooks Robot (FTBot), a program which automatically and continuously monitors over 300 of the most sought after and frequently traded textbooks across a wide range of subjects. Once a day the program grabs all of the most profitable arbitrage opportunities across all book platforms, ranks and compiles them, then sends them to you in an email bulletin.

The tabular data that you receive in the email bulletins will be listed in descending order from the most to least profitable opportunities. The data set also includes direct clickable links to the book listings – from where you can immediately purchase or sell back any book. Please be aware that many of these arbitrage opportunities will be time sensitive and of a first come first served nature. That’s not to say that when the first book is bought, the opportunity disappears. Rather, the profitable arbitrage margin begins to narrow the more used books are bought. It’s important to keep an eye on your margins and make sure there is still a profit to be made after deducting any shipping costs that may be incurred.

The FTBot analyses the sell back value on Amazon for each book and pairs it against the price of other vendors’ used copies both on Amazon and other textbook trading websites. The bot makes sure to only filter by those vendors who have used textbooks which are rated as being in good, very good and like new condition. This way you can guarantee that Amazon will honour the quoted sell back value. Once a book is identified that matches all of the requirements and has a profitable arbitrage margin (plus after adding on any shipping costs), the FTBot will capture that data, enter it into a database and move on to the next ISBN in our set. Once all ISBNs have been processed the FTBot sorts all of the data and sends it on to you.

Why give away access to this amazing bot for free!?

We’re already making serious money and saving ourselves a lot of time and effort by following the above method and listening to what the FTBot spits out at us. However, we are able to squeeze out a tiny bit more in profit via commissions for any sales we generate on 3rd party textbook trading platforms (which you may go on to purchase used books from).


We will of course never share your details with 3rd parties or send you anything irrelevant.
Your details are taken solely for the purpose of sending you the FTBot bulletins.

Flipping Textbooks Disclaimer

Please be aware that Flipping Textbooks shares no liability for any loss that may be incurred from using this arbitrage method. We cannot guarantee the profit margins that we list in the FTBot as they are only valid at the time the bot scraped the data. You must always double check the profitability of a trade before making it.
We are neither responsible for the quality of used textbooks bought on any platform even though we only filter for good, excellent or like new quality.
Individuals who profit from our system must also be aware that they are solely responsible for paying taxes and abiding by their state and national laws.